28 May
Meet the new BDS Scotland Conservation Officer

Meet the new BDS Scotland Conservation Officer

Jennifer Davidson has joined the BDS as a new full time BDS Scotland Conservation Officer and will be taking over from Andrea Hudspeth who will sadly be leaving us shortly.

Jen introduces herself. . .
“I have enjoyed over 20 years working in conservation, mainly as a Countryside Ranger in Fife, Tayside and Stirlingshire areas. Over that time I developed great working partnerships with volunteers and external organisations, and gained a Masters degree in Countryside Management. I have also enjoyed many years as a volunteer myself, gaining experience in a wide range of projects stretching from Northumberland to Orkney, covering many different species and habitats and meeting wonderfully knowledgeable people. A large amount of this work included the creation and restoration of wetland habitat, such as creating open water on lowland raised bog to benefit damselflies and dragonflies, and building satellite ponds to protect great crested newts.

The mission continues with my working alongside British Dragonfly Society volunteers and partners who are committed to the protection and enhancement of habitats, particularly for the rarer species in Scotland affected by climate change. These include the Azure Hawker, White-faced Darter, Northern Emerald and Northern Damselfly, although every species is just as valuable. There is a lot of worthwhile conservation work going on and we have a great opportunity to make a big difference. Everyone is welcome to join us!”

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