We think it is vital that the next generation are given the opportunity to learn about dragonflies and their habitats. Dragonflies’ ancient past, amazing adaptations and beautiful forms make them the ideal insects to introduce children to concepts such as invertebrate life, life cycles and habitats.

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Curriculum for Excellence & Key Stage 1-2 Education Pack


  • Dragonfly Presentation with teachers notes. Slides in the presentation can be printed as Information Cards or adapted to make worksheets.
  • Food Chain Activity. Activity instructions, food chain activity sheet, and activity image cards. This activity is a fun way to introduce children to the idea of food chains, how they work and what can disrupt them.
  • Survival Activity. Activity instructions and activity image cards. This game explores what animals need to survive, using dragonflies as an example. The game also looks at threats to survival, such as predators and human threats.
  • Dragonfly Word Activity. Activity instructions and activity image cards. This activity is a fun way of consolidating some of the new words and concepts introduced to children in the presentation. It can be adapted to suit a range of abilities.
  • Craft Activities. Make a dragonfly activity and make a Dragonfly Mobile activity.

(The education pack is also available from the TES website)

Key Stage 3 Education Pack

Our Key Stage 3 education pack has been approved by teachers and consists of a PowerPoint presentation and three separate activity sheets to complement the presentation. Please feel free to pick and choose parts of the pack to use or to drop them into your own lesson plans and presentations.We just ask that you credit us, the British Dragonfly Society whenever you use our pack. We would love to hear your feedback too so please contact Fiona with any comments. Enjoy the pack!

Dragonfly Information Pack

Our Dragonfly Information Pack is based on the original booklet created by The Dragonfly Project, Ruary Mackenzie Dodds and Kari de Koenigswarter. We have recreated this pack with kind permission from Ruary and Kari and our current president Mike Dilger has written an inspirational foreword. You can download the pack for free. Please share with everyone you know and help us to inspire a new generation of dragonfly fans.

The pack is suitable for anyone 10 years and older. Younger dragonfly fans may enjoy it too but might need help to understand some of the terminology. It is jam packed full of fun activities and ideas for projects too. Please do let us know if you have a go at any of them and be sure to tag us in on social media so that we can share with other dragonfly fans.