19 Apr
Dragonfly recorders needed! Willington Wetlands, Derbyshire

Dragonfly recorders needed! Willington Wetlands, Derbyshire

The Wildlife Trust team at Willington Wetlands, Derbyshire, are excited that they will soon be hosting a family of beavers at the nature reserve! The beavers will be released into a 20 acre fenced section of the reserve where they can gnaw and dam to their hearts content. The team hopes that the beavers will use their engineering skills, not only to build homes for themselves, but also create a varied wetland habitat for other species, including dragonflies.

The Wildlife Trust wants to monitor how dragonflies respond to the changes at the reserve; as a result, they are looking for volunteer dragonfly recorders to carry out surveys over the summer months.

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact George Bird, Living Landscapes Officer email: , tel:01773 881188.

Find out more about the Beaver Reintroduction Project here.