21 Mar
Calling all BDS Volunteers!

Calling all BDS Volunteers!

We have a request to make to all of our existing volunteers. We now have a brand new database, or CRM, in which to store all of your data that is relevant to your volunteering with the BDS. Having all of this information in one place will enable us to filter information ensuring that you only get relevant updates and requests from us. In addition, we will be able to store all of your volunteer activities, along with how long you have been volunteering for us so that we can start to celebrate your achievements and show our appreciation. Taking a couple of minutes to fill in our volunteer form will ensure no one is missed out and will be invaluable to the BDS team!

Click here for the form: https://britishdragonflysociety.beaconforms.com/form/0f7e1853

Please follow the link and complete the form as if you are new to the BDS. The essential question that will flag to us that you are an existing volunteer is the one that asks when you started volunteering for the BDS, so make sure you put a date in there. The date doesn’t have to be accurate if you can’t remember exactly when you started, a rough date is fine. You can select ‘no’ to the question asking whether you can supply a reference if you are an established volunteer. When it comes to volunteer roles, please select the one that most closely matches what you currently do for the BDS, but feel free to tick other roles if there is something else that interests you – you can tick as many boxes as you like!

The most important information is all of your contact details so that we can follow up with you. Hopefully it will all make sense and be straightforward, but if you have any queries please contact Andrea Hudspeth


Image by Daniele Muir