10 Aug
A Pond in Every Prison

A Pond in Every Prison

The Ministry of Justice Ecology Team are running a scheme to get a pond in every prison to help you enhance the sites for wildlife.

A wildlife pond is one of the single best features for attracting new wildlife to a prison.

By creating ponds and wetland areas – no matter how small – you’re building a vibrant home for a diverse range of wildlife. Plus, being around water is good for your health too.

Almost 70% of the UK’s natural ponds have now been lost and species such as dragonflies, water bugs and the great crested newt have declined rapidly over the last 40 years.

Why build a wildlife pond?  Here’s some of the benefits…

  1. A wildlife haven
    A pond is a true wildlife magnet, providing homes, breeding grounds, bathing spots, food and a watering hole for all manner of creatures including birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, newts and insects. It’s always great fun to spot these beautiful creatures, and it’s a very rewarding feeling to know you are helping your local wildlife thrive.
  2. They Use Up Empty Space
    This is where the wildlife pond becomes a great option, as it makes use of that empty space in a natural way that benefits the environment. Besides, less grass to mow and smaller expanses of patio to wash and weed can’t be a bad thing!
  3. They’re Incredibly Relaxing
    Water noises are famously very calming and enjoyable to listen to, so installing a pond with a water feature is the perfect way to turn your site into a haven of tranquility and peace. Think of it as a natural source of stress-relief.
  4. They’re Educational
    Ponds are a fantastic way to inspire and encourage people’s natural curiosity about wildlife, they are also excellent tools for teaching about our responsibility for caring for the environment.

If you work at an MoJ site please get in touch with Beatrice Finch at the MoJ Ecology Team.

They have all the kit you need, from pond liner to specialist pond plants, as well as how to guides and friendly advice.  This is all for free, you just need to have the resources to dig it!