British Dragonfly Society


We are the voice for dragonflies in Britain and we work to conserve them and their wetland habitats. The charity was established in 1983 and our key aims are to improve understanding and awareness of dragonflies, their conservation and the challenges they face, in order to increase action for dragonflies across Britain.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site, where you will find information on British dragonflies and their habitats, our projects and volunteering opportunities, as well as the latest dragonfly news and upcoming events.

Title image: Male Migrant Hawker by Dan Bowes

Get Involved

Youth Panel
The Monmouthshire 2030 Dragonfly Atlas Project
Hertfordshire’s Dragonflies Atlas survey (2022 - 2027)

Upcoming Events

Wales Outdoor Learning Week
Join with us to celebrate Wales’ greatest playing and learning space – our natural environment!
City Nature Challenge
Cities around the world collaborate to share observations of nature in the 2024 City Nature Challenge.
Hedges, Verges & Waterways
A Shropshire Wildlife Trust event about hedges, verges and waterways held in conjunction with the Restoring Shropshire Verges Project and Middle Marches Community Land Trust.

What's Happening Near You

Visit your county page for lots of useful information, including. . .

Details about your local dragonfly group.

Your locally important species.

An interactive map of top sites to visit in the county.

Recent dragonfly-related news from the area.

Upcoming events, such as field meetings and training courses.

Volunteer oppotunities.

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Identification help

Need a hand identifying a dragonfly? Find it using our nifty help page.