Length: 33-44mm

Flight period: UK records from mid-June to early September

This darter has a flattened abdomen appearing rather broad compared to other UK darters.

Male: vividly bright scarlet and unmistakeable. The veins on the leading edges of the wings are also red.

Females and immatures: yellow-brown with a conspicuous pale stripe along the top of the thorax, between the wings.

Where to See

Latin NameCrocothemis erythraea

Found near shallow, still waters such as small pools, rice paddies and drainage channels.

Status & Distribution

Rare migrant from Southern Europe. First recorded in 1995.

Similar Species

Unlikely to be mistaken for any other species.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • This is a vagrant dragonfly species, please attach an image when submitting the record