Rare vagrant

Male: vividly bright scarlet.

Females: yellow-brown with pale antehumeral stripes on the back of the thorax.




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Where to See

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Species GroupDragonflies
Scientific NameCrocothemis erythraea
Status & Distribution

First recorded in 1995. Rare migrant; most records from the south of England.


Found near shallow, still waters such as small pools, rice paddies and drainage channels.

Flight PeriodScarlet Darter
Adult Identification
  • Length: 33-44mm
  • Flat, broad body.
  • Pale pterostigma (wing spots).
  • Eyes are blue on the bottom.
  • Orange colouration at base of hind wing.
  • Male: vividly bright scarlet body, head, legs and leading wing veins.
  • Females: yellow-brown body, head and legs. Conspicuous pale antehumeral stripes on the back of the thorax.
Similar Species

May be mistaken with other Darters.

Can be distinguished by:

  • Broad, flat body.
  • Male: body, head and legs bright red.
  • Female:yellow legs and pale antehumeral stripes on the thorax.