Where to See Black Darter

Latin NameSympetrum danae

A species of peat moss and moorland, breeding in acidic ponds, bog pools and drainage ditches.

  • Climate change; increasing temperatures and erratic rainfall threaten the species bog pool habitat.
  • Ditch installation and drainage.
  • Peat cutting.
  • Forestation of the uplands.


Status & Distribution

Most commonly found in northern and western parts of Britain. It has seen a general and significant decline over the past 50 years, particularly in England.

Similar Species

Mature males are the only black dragonflies in the UK so are unmistakable.

Females and immature males resemble other darters. They can be separated by their:

  • black pterostigma (wing spots).
  • black panels on the sides of the body.
  • dark triangle on the top of the thorax.
Species GroupDragonflies