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Title image: Hairy dragonfly by Dave Smallshire

  • Bowers Marsh RSPB, Pitsea, Essex.
  • 1 Female Black tailed Skimmer, 3 Hairy, 25+ Azure, 2 Blue tailed,

22 May 2019
  • Common Clubtail and Scarce Chasers at The Mythe, Tewkesbury
  • On a visit to The Mythe on a sunny morning, 10 species were recorded: One teneral Common Clubtail still with its wings closed, approx 25 Scarce Chaser plus two exuviae, our first sightings of 10+ White-legged Damselfly, approx 40 Banded Demoiselle, 8 Beautiful Demoiselle, approx 25 Red-eyed, 45+ Azure, 3 Common Blue, approx 40 Blue-tailed, and 3 Large Red Damselfly. There were more damselflies just taking their first flights but not identified. A splendid trip!

22 May 2019
IT and CT
  • Downy emeralds and four spot chasers at Sand Pool Farm
  • Multiple downy emeralds in the little birch wood often settling for photos and mass emergence of four spot chasers from the lakes also one female broad bodied chaser

22 May 2019
  • Wide bodied golden dragonfly
  • Wide bodied golden hornet type dragonfly, not seen before in these parts, B90 1QS area

23 May 2019
  • Only a few from Esher Common
  • At Esher Common a few four-spotted chasers, large red damselflies and azure damselflies, as well as a single black-tailed skimmer were seen. Numbers and species seem low for the time of year.

23 May 2019
  • Broad bodied chaser female
  • The first dragonfly to visit a new pond (filled 4th April 2019) was a female Broad Bodied Chaser

23 May 2019
  • Fat Dragonfly?
  • I spotted something yellow on my sleeper wall and on closer inspection (and with the help of google) discovered it was a female ‘broad bodied chaser’. I have a small back garden with two small half barrels which make miniature wildlife ponds. I’m approximately a quarter mile from the nearest water source.

23 May 2019
  • Broad bodied chaser female at TA116EQ 1pm23 6 19
  • Carter into house then swiftly out to garden first sighting here

23 May 2019
  • Broad bodied chader
  • Flying around garden, flew into wall and settled on trampoline

23 May 2019
  • Broad bodied chaser (female)
  • In hedgerow approx 100 yards from pond at Carn Marth Redruth Cornwall

18 May 2019