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Title image: Hairy dragonfly by Dave Smallshire

  • Large Red Damselfly
  • on wooden side of new (<1 year) raised bed pond. Pyrrhosoma nymphula

22 May 2019
  • Broad Bodied Chaser (F)
  • Maybe just emerged. Clinging to a steel bar of a drain 12” above the water. Swinderby, Lincs

22 May 2019
  • Scarce Chaser
  • Immature female, sighted at Holmes garden centre, East Holme, Wareham, Dorset (Isle of Purbeck)

22 May 2019
  • Cherry Orchard CP Hawkwell Essex
  • 2 Red Eyed, 2 Blue tailed, 4 Banded Demoiselles

22 May 2019
  • Is it a dragonfly?
  • LS225EB (Wetherby, Yorkshire) between 8.30 and 9.00 a.m. in garden.

    Yellow/gold abdomen, flat and wide rather than thin and elongated, estimated size 4.00-5.00 cm. Very muscular looking heavyweight, most unlike any dragonfly I have seen. Large head and eyes, a small black patch on the leading edge of each wing near the tip as most dragon flies.

    Images available

22 May 2019
  • Broad bodied chaser
  • Alighting on plant support in rural garden

21 May 2019
  • Broad-bodied chaser
  • Darting around along stream on boundary of our garden

22 May 2019
  • Southern Hawker?
  • Green/Yellow female. Central Nottingham, Ebers Road c.16.45
    Possibly female Hairy Dragonfly but no water bodies nearby, suburban street.

22 May 2019
  • Female club tail at Apperley Gloucestershire
  • A female clubtail just emerged drying wings in bank side vegetation

22 May 2019
  • Downy emeralds and four spot chasers at Sand Pool Farm
  • Multiple downy emeralds in the little birch wood often settling for photos and mass emergence of four spot chasers from the lakes also one female broad bodied chaser

22 May 2019