Brynberian Project - British Dragonfly Society

Brynberian Project

Practical work carried out for the benefit of the Southern Damselfly funded by the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.

The grant provided money to pay for one day of digger work.  The work was undertaken to restore/enhance Southern Damselfly habitat on Preseli SAC.

The work involved manipulation of a stream course to return water to a length of dried up flush that was previously known to be a very good Southern Damselfly flush.  This is within the Brynberian Moor site.
In addition to this work, two existing streams were also worked on and a variety of techniques were used to open up the channel where it had become “piped” (roofed over with vegetation and turf).  Numerous sections were opened up in a variety of ways to create shallow, wide watercourses where Southern Damselfly habitat will be able to develop.


The effects of this work will be monitored to see how the various methods develop over time to see if it is possible to identify the best future restoration methods.