11 Jul

Dragonfly Week

Dragonfly Week (15th to 23rd July) – events and activities nationally to view and celebrate these marvellous insects!

Events include :

  • Dragonfly Week in South West London – with WWT London Wetland Centre (all week)
  • Dragonfly Day at Wicken Fen – with the National Trust (Sunday 23rd)

For a full listing see the 'Upcoming Events' page for details.

* Do you have an event we've missed? Let us know.

If there’s no actual BDS event near you then why not check out our surveys and projects? Willow Emerald Damselflies have started to emerge, so are worth looking for as part of our Willow Emerald Watch. This covers all counties in eastern England.

Throughout England and Wales there are still opportunities to take part in our Variable Damselfly Survey or you can simply record dragonflies as you normally do, thereby contributing towards our State of Dragonflies 2020 report.