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  • 18th Apr 2019
    South Yorkshire
    Large Red Damselfly

    One Large Red Damselfly on Thorne Moors today. Stepped over the border into Yorkshire from Crowle, Lincolnshire to sit and have lunch (Crowle reserve does not have any seats/benches where you can sit and have a rest!) and was rewarded with a Large Red which settled close by.

  • 18th Apr 2019
    Large Red Damselfly

    30 - 40 Large Red Damselflies on Crowle Moors today. Temp 18c and breezy.

  • 16th Apr 2019
    Two Large reds at Roydon Common West Norfolk

     Two Large reds at Rordon Common West Norfolk

  • 12th Apr 2019
    Hairy Dragonfly Emerging in East Kent

    I had a female Hairy Dragonfly emerge from my garden pond between about 21:30 - 23:30. I photographed the emergence which will be viewable on my blog. 

  • 12th Apr 2019
    South Wales, Llandeilo.
    Blue-tailed Damselflies, Wales

    Two Blue tailed Damselflies emerged from our friends small pond in the village of Salem, just outside Llandeilo, SW Wales, last weekend!! today 12 April, I saw the exuvia still on the Yellow Iris leaves. They tell me its a good pond for Blue Damselflies.

  • 11th Apr 2019
    Large Red Damselfly. Lincolnshire.

    One Large Red Damselfly today at Crowle Moor, Lincolnshire seen and photographed this afternoon 11th April 2019. Bright sunshine, cold breeze temp 11c.

  • 10th Apr 2019
    Isle of Wight
    Large Red Damselflies on the Isle of Wight.

    A warm sunny afternoon followed a cold breezy morning and 3 teneral Large Red Damselflies seen fluttering away from the old pond  at Bouldnor,Yarmouth around 2pm.

  • 8th Apr 2019
    Large Red Damselfly at Throop Mill

    Few tenerals at Throop Mill, Bournemouth

  • 8th Apr 2019
    Dorset (VC11)
    Large Reds at Ramsdown

    Two teneral female Large Red encountered at Ramsdown Forest, Christchurch (VC11) this morning

  • 7th Apr 2019
    Hampshire (VC11)
    Large Red Damselfly Hampshire

    A teneral female Large Red Damselfly landed on Ian Watts at Fishlake Meadows HWT on the afternoon of 7th April. 

  • 6th Apr 2019
    Large Red Damselfly in Kent

    1 Large Red Damselfly emerged from my garden pond this morning and thankfully, I was able to photograph the whole emergence. Photos on my blog. 

  • 30th Mar 2019
    Male Banded Demoiselle - Ladywalk NR, Warwickshire

    An early sighting of Banded Demoielle on 30th March at Ladywalk NR by P. Lichfield. For a photo go to the Ladywalk NR sightings webpage.

    The Ladywalk site is surrounded by industrial plant that discharges warm water. It is noted for its early Banded Demoiselle records in Warwickshire - 5th May 2018 and 4th April 2017.

  • 27th Mar 2019
    SW London/Surrey
    Male Banded Demoiselle SW London

    The first Banded Demoiselle of the season, 10 days earlier even than the one in 2016, was photographed this morning 27/03/19 in Morden Hall Park, SW London/Surrey (TQ2668) by Richard Newman the NT Ranger. Photo on UK Dragonflies and Damselflies Facebook group.

  • 25th Mar 2019
    Large red damselfly-female 25th March 2019

    Large red damselfly flew across onto brambles. 

    Bissoe Valley nature reserve. Photo taken  

  • 13th Mar 2019
    West Cornwall

    St Erth Church area. NW gale force wind, cold, hazy sunshine. Confirmed sighting 1 female Vagrant Emperor, good condition, no wing damage, flying well. Phone photos taken.

  • 11th Mar 2019
    Vagrant Emperor

    Probable Vagrant Emperor seen in garden in Budleigh Salterton Devon at 1pm today in the sunshine. Lots of midges flying too. March 11th

  • 8th Mar 2019
    Brown sturdy specimen on South coast

    8th March. Chunky brownish, wren sized dragonfly flitting around coastal area of Portchester, Hampshire. [Vagrant Emperor? - GHM]

  • 27th Feb 2019
    Vagrant Emperor in South Devon

    One flying around Soar Mill Cove this morning giving reasonable views.



  • 26th Feb 2019
    Dragonfly sp

    Bowesfield NR  Stockton On Tees  11.30 260219 hovering 2m above ground, tan coloured dragonfly. Slight smaller than a darter. Couldn't get close to it. [Possibly another Vagrant Emperor - GHM]

  • 26th Feb 2019
    Probable Vagrant Emperor

    At Rascarrel Bay we watched a brownish hawker for 2 or 3 mins, catching insects above tidal pools. We were looking into the sun so could not get much detail. When we approached it soared up high into the sky and  disappeared into the west.

  • 25th Feb 2019
    Vagrant Emperor

    Vagrant Emperor sighted in a garden overlooking Plymouth Sound, South Devon PL9. 25/2/2019

  • 25th Feb 2019
    Green dragonfly seen on Polzeath Beach

    Sitting in the car at the roadside watching the surf and me and my dad spotted this dragonfly and watched it for some time - it was a light/bright green colour and around 3 inches long 

  • 23rd Feb 2019
    Isle of Wight
    Vagrant Emperor, Ventnor Isle of Wight (VC10) 23rd February

    Vagrant Emperor in off the sea this afternoon along the revetment between Wheelers Bay and Bonchurch. Seen by Andy Butler and Dave Nordell who managed to get good views of it as close as 3m. as it flew around them and then carried on up the cliff face.

    After several possible and probable sightings in recent years, this is the third record for the Isle of Wight and the first since November 2011.


  • 21st Feb 2019
    Large dragonfly Cornwall

    I have just received a report from my old chum Charles Hill of a large dragonfly seen hawking by his wife Zoe. The insect was on the wing at Helford, Cornwall, whilst they were taking a holiday break in that part of the world. Zoe took the insect to be a Brown Hawker. Taking into account the fact that Zoe has a general interest in wildlife but is not a dragonfly specialist, together with the location of the sighting, plus the time of year, and the presence of a southerly airstream, there is a strong possibility that this was a Vagrant Emperor.

  • 19th Feb 2019
    Dragonfly species

    19/02/19 2:33pm

    sx237532 [near Looe, Cornwall]

    Unknown dragonfly species hawking on cliff vegetation behind looe beach before resting out of sight low down in dried grass. Smaller than a hawker and appeared a solid tan colour in hard light.  It was too fast moving and too well camoflaged to pick out of my wide angle snapshot. [Probably another Vagrant Emperor sighting - GHM]


  • 17th Feb 2019
    First (migrant) dragonflies of the year

    The recent mild weather has seen an arrival of migrant insects, including a female Vagrant Emperor photographed at Porthmeor, St. Ives  (Cornwall) on 17 February. A 'probable' Vagrant Emperor was also seen on Anglesey on 15 February.

  • 5th Feb 2019
    Black darter

    I tried to record this sighting on iRecord as requested as probably the latest in  the year, but it wouldn't record. I saw it on 26 September on Priddy Pond, Somerset.