Northern Damselfly

Coenagrion hastulatum

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Length: 31mm

This species is found in only a few small lochans in Scotland. In the male, S2 has a rather variable, spear-head shaped spot linked rather like the cards ♠ "Spades" symbol. S8 and S9 are blue except for 2 small black spots on S9.
The female is clear green from the side but mostly black from above.

Flight Period: June (May) - July (August)


Length: 14-15mm

Antennae with 6 segments and prominant spotting on the head. Caudal lamellae long and narrow with distinct, dark nodal constriction and dark nodal line.


This species is restricted in the UK to sedge-fringed lochans in the Scottish Highlands.

Status & Distribution

Rare and local. This is a Red Data Book species.

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Similar species

This species is easily confused with the other members of the genus Coenagrion and with the Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum . Look at S2 (on the males) for distinguishing characters. Northern Damselfly is a weak flyer and has a very restricted range. The females can be particularly tricky to distinguish apart.