Length: 49-52mm

Flight period: more likely to appear in the UK during hot southerly or south-easerly winds.

A large, tawny to yellowish brown dragonfly also known as the Globe Skimmer. The abdomen is yellowish with a dark mid-dorsal line widening towards the rear. The wings are exceptionally broad and reach to S5 of the abdomen when outstretched.

Where to See

Latin NamePantala flavescens

In the UK, most likely to be seen near the coast though in its breeding range it uses small pools and rice paddies.

Status & Distribution

Vagrant and accidental introduction. Last recorded from Kent in 1989.

Similar Species

Unlikely to be mistaken for any other species.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • This is a vagrant dragonfly species, please attach an image when submitting the record