Length: 53mm

Flight period: was recorded in England between mid-June and July (in Europe, flies June to August)

The Orange-spotted Emerald has bright green eyes and yellow or orange, elongated spots along the length of the dorsal surface of the abdomen. The thorax and ground colour of the slender abdomen is bronzy-green. S10 shows a yellowish dorsal mark, quite noticeable in flight.

Male: a slightly waisted abdomen.

Female: more parallel sided and the leading edges of the wings are suffused with yellow.

Where to See

Latin NameOxygastra curtisii

Associated with muddy, slow-flowing rivers and streams.

Status & Distribution

Extinct in Britain, probably due to pollution of its last known habitat on the Moors river in Dorset. Last recorded in 1957.

Similar Species

The orange-yellow spots are characteristic but it could possibly be confused with other emerald dragonflies.

Species GroupDragonflies
Identification Notes
  • This is a vagrant dragonfly species, please attach an image when submitting the record