Norfolk Damselfly

Coenagrion armatum

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Length: 32mm

At first glance, both sexes resemble Blue-tailed Damselfly rather than other Coenagrion species. The pale brown pterostigma is longer than in other Coenagrion species.
The male has no ante-humeral stripes and a black abdomen except for blue markings on S1-3 and S8-9. The anal appendages are particularly long.
The female has greenish ante-humeral stripes and markings on S1-2 and S9 similar to the male.


Open but well-vegetated waters. It can tolerate some salinity.

Status & Distribution

Extinct in Britain, probably due to habitat loss. Last recorded in Norfolk in 1957.

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Similar species

This species can be confused with other members of the genus Coenagrion or with the Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans.