Thursley Common


Thursley Common: There were seven Golden-ringed Dragonflies along the stream that runs out of Pudmore and N across Elstead Common. I found none last year as the bottom of the stream was blackened and waterside vegetation was gone due to a fire the previous year. It was formerly a good site for Brilliant Emeralds too; perhaps they will return next year. Beautiful Demoiselles still at low numbers along the stream; they were formerly abundant.

The Moat Pond is very poor for Dragons and Damsels, compared to how it was in the 80's. A recent sweep around the jetty revealed a considerable number of Goldfish, but it is difficult to see how they can be removed. My plan would be to create an island so that herons can fish for them as the edges of the pond are too deep even for a heron to wade. Also the water quality needs to be checked. Can BDS organise something for this important pond? Litte Grebes have ceased breeding on the pond within the last few years, whereas they used to breed ever year. That must indicate something is wrong. Ony one Downy and one Brilliant Emerald were seen there.

In the SE corner of the bog five White-legged Damselflies in their regular spot.