Devon Group meeting


 The weather wasn't great for the first Devon BDS meeting today, with showers and temperature up to only 15C forecast. However, 10 of us walked around Stover in the morning, finding a few emerging Four-spotted Chasers and small numbers of immature Large Red, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies. However, the highlights were on one of the surrounding small ponds: at least four Red-eyed Damselflies, which stuck it out on Broad-leaved Pondweed during rain instead of resorting to the trees, and four Downy Emerald exuviae. In better weather after lunch we saw 2 male Hairy Dragonflies at Little Bradley Ponds and 3 more Downy Emerald exuviae, with a failed emergent adult on one. Astonishingly, Steve Jones found one of the exuvia some 6m from the pond, almost 1.5m up in a birch sapling! And as we left, the temperature hit the magic 17C!