Ebay Auction for Beautiful Silver Dragonfly

We are delighted to announce that jewellery designer and maker, Emma Keating, has donated to us this wonderful solid silver dragonfly pendant with the hope of raising funds for the BDS.

Emma's jewellery is designed to "capture beauty in its simplest, most natural form". The pendant design is based on the Brilliant Emerald and is around 6cm in length, with a wingspan of 8cm, and is sure to make the owner an object of jealousy! The pendent comes with loops at the back to allow it to be worn on a chain, but it could equally make a stunning ornament. 

The retail price for this unique piece of art is £290. We are hoping that we can raise that amount, or more!

The auction will run until 28th October 2017 with a starting bid of £100. Place your bid here.

You can view Emma Keating’s beautiful work at emmakeatingjewellery.co.uk