The Dragonfly Challenge

Take up the challenge and join in with our nationwide Dragonfly hunt!


*** The Dragonfly Challenge 2018 is now closed for entries ***

So what’s the Challenge?

We are looking for brave adventurers to help us track down 6 species of Dragonfly!

Dragon hunters will have 1 month to explore their local wetlands, rivers and ponds, and try and find as many species as possible. By signing up to the Challenge you'll take part in a journey of discovery, delving into the fascinating world of Dragonflies.

Not only will you master identifying some of the most ferocious and beautiful insects in the UK, you'll learn all about their enchanting life cycle and behaviour, and how to help protect them. This is a great summer activity for all ages.

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Introducing the species. . .


Where to find it: Widespread across Britain                                     Where to find it: Widespread across Britain   

More info on Large Red Damselfly                                                    More info on Blue-tailed Damselfly


Where to find it: Widespread across Britain                                     Where to find it: Widespread across Britain

More info on Four-spotted Chaser                                                     More info on Common Darter


Where to find it: Common across southern and central England     Where to find it: Common across Wales, most of Scotland, south England and Cumbria

More info on Southern Hawker                                                            More info on Golden-ringed Dragonfly


Dragonfly Challenge Resources

Access and download your resources here.


Dragonfly Challenge for Kids and Schools

Dragonfly Challenge is the perfect way to get kids outside and active, learning more about the natural world and dragonflies. The challenge fits in perfectly with the curriculum, touching on topics such a survival, food chains, habitats and microhabitats. We have put together a set of resources for kids to use when taking part in Dragonfly Challenge and for schools to encourage children to take part, either as part of school lessons or at home with the family. At the end of July, children who have completed the challenge can send us a photo of their completed Challenge Card Poster to recieve a certificate to say they have completed the Challenge.

There is also the option of building the Dragonfly Challenge into a series of lessons covering curriculum subjects such as survival, food chains and habitats using our:

Educational resources for KS 1-2, which can be accessed here. 

Resources for Dragonfly Challenge Kids and Schools here.


Dragonfly Challenge Resources for Wildlife Reserves and other Dragonfly Sites

If you help manage a site that supports our Dragonfly Challenge species, why encorage visitors to take part in the challenge? 

Access and download resources here.


Enter Your Results! 

 Click the link below to enter your sightings. This link will remain active until the end of August. 

*** The Dragonfly Challenge 2018 is now closed for entries ***


What will happen to my sightings?

You will be able to report your sightings via this page throughout July.

All the sightings you report will go into our Dragonfly database, which we use to monitor where Dragonflies are in the UK and how they are doing. And don't forget to share your sightings, photos and stories on social media.


Got a query?

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