Giving your time is a brilliant way of helping dragonflies and their wetland habitats. The British Dragonfly Society relies upon the hardwork of thousands of dedicated volunteers, from dragonfly recorders to events helpers.Whatever your experience and however much time you have to give, there will be an opportunity for you to help dragonflies. 



Whether it's ad-hoc recording or long term monitoring, all records are valuable in allowing us to follow the fate of Britain's dragonflies. Now more than ever dragonfly records provide us with vital knowledge, as changes in climate and habitat are having a major impact on the distribution and abudance of Britain's dragonfly species. We have a network of dedicated County Dragonfly Recorders across Britain which can help get you started recording dragonflies. If you are new to recording, find out more about it here. To discover the different ways of submitting your dragonfly records click here.






Take Part in a Project 

We have a number of different projects running in different years. Links to these will be regularly updated below. Click on a link to get started on your next dragonfly project!

Willow Emerald Watch

The State of Dragonflies 2020

Migrant Dragonflies Project

Glen Affric Peatland Restoration Project

Student Projects in Wales

Clubtail Count 2018

Research Project Ideas

White-legged Damselfly Investigation
Priority Sites Project The Dragonfly Challenge




Work Parties

We carry out work parties at our Dragonfly Hotspots, and elsewhere, in order to improve the habitat for dragonflies. This can range from clearing out overgrown ponds to peatland restoration. Volunteer help is vital to carrying out this work and creating more habitat for dragonflies. Whatever your experience you are welcome to join us at a work party. The work is usually wet and muddy but also good fun - and we provide hot drinks and biscuits to keep you going! To find upcoming work parties, keep an eye on our events page. Click here for work parties in Scotland only.




Help with Local Events

Thanks to our volunteers, the British Dragonfly Society is able to run and take part in an impressive list of events. From helping to run a stall to leading your own dragonfly walk, there are many ways you can help with local events. To find a list of current events which you could help at, visit our Upcoming Events list. If you have an idea for a local event you would like to run on behalf of the BDS, get in touch with your Local Dragonfly Recorder.






Write an Article

If you have had an interesting experience with dragonflies, are a pro at dragonfly photography or have taken part in dragonfly monitoring or research and would like to share it with the dragonfly community then what better way to do that than write an article for one of our publications. British Dragonfly Society members recieve Darter Magazine annually and Dragonfly News and The British Dragonfly Society Journal twice annually and we welcome articles from all dragonfly enthusiasts. If you have an idea for an article, get in touch with our Conservation Officer.