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  • Global collapse of insect populations: new research published

  • A big thank you to our Fundraising Officer: Sarah Miller

  • Willow Emerald Watch Update: 2018 results

  • BDS Spring Meeting: Knutsford Cheshire, Saturday 30 March 2019

  • The Impact of Heatwaves: 'halves' male insect fertility


Dragonfly Challenge 2018

Star of the Month

Azure Hawker - Konrad SchultzAzure Hawker Aeshna caerulea is only found in Scotland in the UK and is restricted to bog pools in the Highlands.  It is never found in large numbers and its breeding sites on moorland are under threat from drainage and afforestation.  Dry summers also pose a threat with many breeding pools drying out in 2018.  BDS has a project to survey and learn more about its distribution and requirements.  Photo: Konrad Schultz

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