With so much change observed in the Dragonfly and Damselfly species of Hertfordshire since the 2000-2005 survey (that preceded the 2008 publication of the first county dragonfly atlas), the Hertfordshire Natural History Society will be organising a new six year survey to run from 2022-2027. The intention will be to map the current distribution of all species in the county, including the more common species, not just the scarce species and new arrivals, and to also collect as much additional data as possible.

Everyone can help with the survey by submitting as many records as possible via iRecord. As usual, the four basic pieces of information required will be ‘What’ (species), ‘When’ (date recorded), ‘Where’ (preferably a six digit grid reference) and ‘Who’ (the observers name). Any record of breeding evidence will be especially valuable, particularly confirmed breeding (emergence seen or exuviae found). Initially records from all sites will be equally valuable, although later in the survey period I will be looking for volunteers who may be able to cover tetrads, or 1 kilometre squares, that remain under-recorded.

Further information, will be available on the H.N.H.S. website as the survey progresses.     https://hnhs.org/


Image: Female Beautiful Demoiselle by B.Roberts