15 May
Exuviae specimens needed!

Exuviae specimens needed!

The BDS have had a request for exuviae to use as training resources for the Environment Agency.
The following species are required:
– Erythromma viridulum
– Ischnura pumilio
– Aeshna mixta
– Aeshna caerulea
– Anaciaeshna isoceles
– Somatochlora arctica
– Cordulia aenea
– Somatochlora metallica
– Sympetrum fonscolombii
– Sympetrum danae
– Sympetrum flaveolum
– Sympetrum sanguineum
– Orthetrum cancellatum
– Orthetrum coerulescens

If you have a spare stash of exuviae that you are willing to part with please get in touch with Harry Ferguson, Environmental Monitoring Office:

Image by bgv23, flickr