19 Nov
Exuviae Specimens Needed Please!

Exuviae Specimens Needed Please!

Our friends at the Environment Agency Ecology Lab are in need of some dragonfly exuviae (cast off larval skins) specimens please. Do you happen to have any spare that you could send on to them? They would be grateful for any species but the ones they particularly need are listed below:


–        Aeshna mixta – Migrant Hawker

–        Aeshna caerulea ­– Azure Hawker

–        Anax imperator – Emperor dragonfly

–        Anax Parthenope – Lesser Emperor dragonfly

–        Aeshna iscosceles – Norfolk Hawker

–        Leucorrhinia dubia – White-Faced Hawker

–        Sympetrum fonscolombii ­– Red-Veined Darter

–        Sympetrum danae ­– Black Darter

–        Sympetrum flaveolum – Yellow-Winged Darter

–        Sympetrum sanguineum – Ruddy Darter

–        Orhtetrum cancellatum – Black-Tailed Skimmer

–        Orthetrum corulescens  – Keeled Skimmer


If you can spare any exuviae from these species in particular, please label them up and post them to:


Harry Ferguson

Environment Agency Trentside Ecology Lab

Scarrington Road

West Bridgford




Many thanks for your help!