27 Oct
entoL!VE is coming!

entoL!VE is coming!

The entoLIVE webinar series is an upcoming programme of virtual talks exploring the science of insects and other invertebrates.

All events are free to attend and are suitable for adults of all abilities – a passion for invertebrates is all that’s required!

The first round of talks is listed below.

You can find full details on the entoL!VE website.


Date Title Speaker
02/02/23 Wriggling Into Recording: 10 Years of the National Earthworm Recording Scheme Keiron Brown
06/02/23 No Brain, No Problem? 20 Years of the National Jellyfish Survey Amy Pilsbury
09/02/23 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: The Impacts of Climate Change on Aquatic Insects Craig Macadam
13/03/23 The Most Remarkable Migrants of All: The Fascinating World of Fly Migration Will Hawkes
16/03/23 Flying Squids: Their Life Story and Relationships With Each Other Fernando Á. Fernández-Álvarez
20/03/23 Hop of Hope: Restoring the Large Marsh Grasshopper Through Citizen Keepers Citizen Zoo
23/03/23 The Pine Hoverfly: Bringing Them Back From The Brink Of Extinction Dr Helen Taylor
27/03/23 Streams To Spiders: How Aquatic Insects Interconnect Our Ecosystems Liam Nash
30/03/23 Weird But Wonderful World of Worms: Tales From The Museum Collections Emma Sherlock
03/04/23 Celebrating Ladybirds: Developing Our Knowledge Through Citizen Science Helen Roy
06/04/23 Crawfish: Trending in South-west Britain Dr Angus Jackson
13/04/23 Unlocking Invertebrate Genomes: How & Why Are Scientists Trying To Sequence Every Species? Dr Liam Crowley
17/04/23 The London Bee Situation: How Sustainable Is Beekeeping in London? Mark Patterson
24/04/23 Slipping Under the Radar: Recording Slugs in British Gardens Imogen Cavadino
27/04/23 DragonflyWatch: The National Dragonfly Recording Scheme Eleanor Clover
04/05/23 Big Wasp Survey: Investigating Social Wasp Populations Through Citizen Science Prof. Seirian Sumner
11/05/23 Restoration, Rearing & Reintroductions: Saving the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Dr Louise Lavictoire
15/05/23 The Marine Mollusc Recording Scheme: Discoveries from the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Simon Taylor
18/05/23 Bees, Flowers & Pesticides: Using The National Honey Monitoring Scheme to Understand the Risks Posed to Bees in Farmlands Ben Woodcock
25/05/23 Bumblebees & Their Differing Habitats: How a Decade of Citizen Science Has Increased Our Knowledge Dr Penelope Whitehorn