Passing on a love for dragonflies is a wonderful feeling and spreading the word of dragonflies, their wetlands habitats and the need to conserve them is vital to ensure our dragonflies are here for future generations to enjoy. Whether you have the skills to teach adults or children about dragonflies, we can help you.


Children's Education

The British Dragonfly Society think it is vital that the next generation are given the opportunity to learn about dragonflies and their habitats. Dragonflies' ancient past, amazing adaptations and beautiful forms make them the ideal insects to introduce children to concepts such as invertebrate life, life cycles and habitats. We have developed a full education pack to help you teach children age 5-11 about dragonflies, plus additional activities to help consolidate learning in a fun way. Click here to visit our Children's Education page now. We are now working on resources for teenagers so watch this space!





Adult's Education

Our volunteers run a range of dragonfly courses across Britain as well as field trips and identification walks. These are a fantastic way of engaging adults with dragonflies and allowing poeple to become more familiar with these fantastic insects. Running courses and events is satisfying and enjoyable, while seeing the wonder on peoples faces as you introduce them to larvae or identify a species is priceless. Whether you have a lot or a little time to give, we would like to hear from you. If you think you could help by running a dragonfly course or walk, please get in touch with our Conservation Officer.