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Dragonflies (order Odonata) are divided into two distinct sub-orders, the Zygoptera or Damselflies and the Anisoptera or Dragonflies.  In Wales there have been 37 species of Odonata recorded, 15 of these are damselflies and 22 dragonflies.  This includes 6 migrant species which are only seen rarely, these species have a turquoise background.  

For each of these species, a small photo and the scientific, English and Welsh names are given.  The Welsh names were taken from the book 'Cyfres Enwau Creaduriaid a Phlanhigion: 3 - Gwyfynod, Glöynnod Byw A Gweision Neidr' edited by Duncan Brown, Twm Elias, Bruce Griffiths, Huw John Huws and Dafydd Lewis ISBN number 978-1-84527-259-3.  Click on the photo to see a larger photo and click on the species name to go to the species information page.  The species information page has photographs, a written description of the species, details of habitat, distribution and status information and notes about similar species.  The Vagrant Darter is rarely seen so does not yet have a species information page.  

Please note that this site is not meant to be a substitute for a good field guide when trying to identify species. There are several good identification guides available, see the booklist for details.

Damselflies in Wales
Dragonflies in Wales

Lestidae - Emerald Damselflies - Teulu'r Mursennod



Calopterygidae - Demoiselles - Teulu'r Morwynion 


Platycnemididae - White-legged Damselflies - Teulu'r Mursennod Bach Coeswen 

White-legged Damselfly


Coenagrionidae - Red and Blue/black Damselflies - Teulu'r Mursennod Coch A Glas-Ddu 


Anisoptera - Dragonflies – Gweision Neidr (22 species / 22 rhywogaethau)

Aeshnidae – Hawker Dragonflies – Teulu’r Gweision Neidr



Emperor Dragonfly
Lesser Emperor
Hairy Dragonfly


Gomphidae - Club-tailed Dragonflies – Teulu’r Gweision Neidr Tindrwm

Common Club-tailed Dragonfly


Cordulegastridae – Golden-ringed Dragonflies – Uwch-Deulu’r Gweision Neidr Torchog

Golden-ringed Dragonfly


Corduliidae – Emerald Dragonflies - Teulu’r Gweision Gwyrdd


Vagrant Darter
Sympetrum vulgatum
Vagrant Darter
gwäell grwydrol