Recording and the new national dragonfly atlas

The British Dragonfly Society collects records of dragonflies.  These records inform the BDS about conservation priorities and important areas for dragonflies.  They help us to assess and advise on the health of a wide range of wetland habitats.  Records collected over time will also show how species are moving. 

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Scotland atlas recording

The BDS are currently collecting records for a National Dragonfly Atlas.  Scotland has large areas of good habitat.  The map shows the Atlas recording progress for Scotland. 

Key to map

Red squares are unrecorded or were recorded before 2000.  Yellow squares were recorded after 2000 but the numbers of species has achieved the target total for the area.  This target number of species is currently eight for the whole of Scotland.  Green squares have been recorded since 2000 and the number of species observed exceeds the target.