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  • 22nd October 2015

    We are very sad to announce the death of Dr. Norman Moore, ecologist, entomologist, author and gentleman.

  • University Campus Suffolk
    9th October 2015

    BDS Annual Meeting 2015 was held at University Campus Suffolk (Ipswich Waterfront) on Saturday 14th November. 

  • 30th September 2015

    The Dragonflies App is available now.

  • 24th September 2015

    The Natural History Museum have plans to update their grounds, at the expense of the hugely popular and unique wildlife garden. Join us in a petition to ask the Museum to re-think the design.

  • 22nd September 2015

    The UK Awards for Biological Recording 2015 are coming up, rewarding those who give outstanding contributions to biological recording. However, the NBN have so far received no nominations at all for young people (under the age of 18)! 

  • BDS team holding the award
    26th August 2015

    The recent Birdfair at Rutland Water was a big success for BDS and we were awarded second place in the Best Conservation Stand catgeory. 

  • 3rd August 2015

    Expert ecologists at the Royal Society of Biology have come up with a list of ten of their favourite species and now they want to know what the rest of the UK thinks. Included among them is the Emperor Dragonfly, so here's your opportunity to vote for the UK's biggest and most stately dragon in a national poll. To see all the candidates and pick your favourite, visit the RSB's Favourite UK Insect page. Can you risk voting for anyone other than the Emperor?

  • Gen Dalley, Conservation Officer
    15th July 2015

    We are delighted to announce that Genevieve Dalley has been appointed to the Conservation Officer post, succeeding Claire Install.

  • Conservation work 2015 Photo by Stephen and Anne Coker
    30th April 2015

    Important work has been carried out to restore and create new habitat for the endangered Southern Damselfly in the Preseli SAC. This work has been carried out by the BDS in partnership with Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership, Natural Resources Wales and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.


  • 24th April 2015

    Claire Install, who has been Conservation Officer for the British Dragonfly Society for the past 6 years, left us on 20 May 2015, having been appointed as Senior Conservation Officer with Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.