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  • Red-veined Darter
    3rd October 2012

    Recent sunny weather has benefited several migrant dragonflies in Southern England, reports the British Dragonfly Society. During late-August and September Lesser Emperor, Southern Migrant Hawker, Migrant Hawker and Red-veined Darters have been sighted, as well as two unusual damselflies – Southern and Willow Emeralds.

  • Brilliant Emerald female
    5th September 2012

    The British Dragonfly Society would like to announce the new ‘Emerald’ Corporate Programme for Dragonfly Conservation and we are delighted to offer companies and organisations one year’s basic corporate membership for £100. This wonderful introductory offer is valid from summer 2012 through to September 2013.  Why not encourage your organisation to join the BDS?

  • University of Chester
    21st August 2012

    The Trustees & Chief Executive look forward to welcoming members to our Member’s Day & AGM,  a key highlight in the BDS calendar, at the University of Chester. Non-members are also welcome, although we would encourage you to join and benefit from being a member of the BDS.

  • Himalayan Balsam
    3rd September 2012

    A mobile app has been developed to record the distribution of 14 invasive plant species.  As well as providing a way to record the 14 invasive species, the app gives descriptions and information about the species, photos and information about species that are similar to the invasive species.  Some of these are aquatic invasive species that you may encounter when looking for dragonflies.

  • BirdTrack
    9th July 2012

    The BDS and BirdTrack enter a new partnership; it is now possible to enter dragonfly records on BirdTrack Many birdwatchers notice and identify dragonflies, but relatively few of them send records to the BDS.  This new partnership will allow the BDS to capture some of those ‘lost’ records by giving birdwatchers the opportunity to easily enter dragonfly records at the same time as their bird observations.

  • 23rd May 2012

    Just published! ‘Field Guide to the larvae and exuviae of British Dragonflies’. Incorporating new species and bringing others up-to-date, this new book combines the previously separate guides to dragonflies and damselflies into one, easy-to-use volume. Superb photographs and highlighted text lead you carefully through the key identification features for each species.

  • 22nd May 2012

    To celebrate the 2012 launch of the British Dragonfly Society's National Dragonfly Week – a fun and exciting Dragonfly Day & Springwatch has been organised at Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds on Saturday 9 June. National Dragonfly Week hosts a series of dragonfly and damselfly safari’s, workshops, walks and events across the UK that celebrates these spectacular aerial insects.

  • 2nd May 2012

    The Beauty in the Beast is a new book by Hugh Warwick.  It is a portrait of some of the UK’s best-loved wild animals and birds and the enthusiasts who champion their cause.  The book features Ingrid Twissell, the Gloucestershire VCR who spent a day with Hugh teaching him about dragonflies.

  • Southern Damselfly
    5th April 2012

    A beautiful but endangered damselfly is being  helped thanks to habitat work funded by Environment Wales. This exciting partnership between the British Dragonfly Society (BDS),  Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) and Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) has created  valuable new habitat for the rare Southern Damselfly. 

  • Recorders Day 2012
    17th January 2012

    Over forty recorders and enthusiasts attended the annual meeting of the Dragonfly Recording Network at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Wolseley Centre on Saturday 24th March.  The programme was extremely varied with topics ranging from the new atlas, reintroduction of the White Faced Darter in Cumbria and how the DRN records are used to benefit conservation.