MRes Dragonfly Research Opportunities

As part of the MRes Biological Sciences: Wildlife Behaviour and Conservation course at Chester University, a number of Dragonfly Research opportunities will be on offer for students starting this year.

As an MRes, the course will be research focused, and will offer students to opportunity to carry out self-led projects in the fields of animal behaviour and conservation.

As part of the course, a couple of students will have the chance to carry out research projects on Dragonflies in the UK or in Italy.

One project will focus on highland species, and will require the researcher to survey sites with historic records in order to update the status of species in the highlands. The records will then be used to estimate occupancy across the highlands in relation to habitat. These models will inform important habitat features, suggest hotspots with multiple highland specialists, and act as a baseline for the analyses of range changes and population trends. 

The other project aims to increase our knowledge of White-faced Darter at the South of their range in Italy. The project will investigate their habitat use and compare their current range to previous records to help build up a picture of the impact climate change has had on this species. It is believed that these southern populations, in particular, might be vulnerable to climate change if they are reliant on the alps as a refugia. 

Visit the course page for more details and information on how to apply.