Largely Blue and Black

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Be aware that female and immature colouration is highly varaible.

Eyes are red (in male)


Red-eyed Damselfly

South-central England, local in east Wales

Robust with black legs, dark red eyes and small to no shoulder stripe.

Small Red-eyed Damselfly

South, east and central England

smaller with pale legs, bright red eyes, shoulder stripe and a black 'X' at the tip


Body largely blue, eyes not red (in male)


Take care, these species are very similar.

Azure Damselfly 

Common and widespread

U-shaped mark on S2.

Broad shoulder stripes. 

'Coenagrion spur' present

Variable Damselfly

Scarce and local

'Exclamation point' shoulder stripe.

'Goblet' shape on S2.

Northern Damselfly

rare, Scotland

Arrow shaped mark on S2.

Southern Damselfly

rare, largely on heath or fen

'Mercury's winged helmet' mark on S2

Dainty Damselfly

rare, south-east

Pale wing spot

Thick shoulder stripes

Thick U-shape mark on S2

Common Blue Damselfly

Common and widespread

a 'ball' marking on S2

No 'coenagrion spur' on the side of the thorax


There is an additional species which is currently only found in Ireland.

Irish Damselfly

Cresecent shape and side-lines on S2


Body largely black, eyes not red

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Common and Widespread

S8 on abdomen is blue (or brown in females which have 5 colour variants)

Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly

Uncommon, usually in temporary seepages, ponds or runnels

Only part of S8 blue - 'blue tail' generally closer to the tip.