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The BDS has produced several activities for teachers, parents and children to download and use. Click here to visit the educational resources page.

BDS Photo Library

The British Dragonfly Society aims to promote the study of dragonflies and their natural habitats. We are pleased to announce a new Dragonfly Photo Library. This replaces our slide pack which was produced in 2002.

This photo library is comprised of images of dragonfly and damselfly species resident or recorded within the British Isles. The photographers have kindly given permission for the photos to be used to illustrate talks and Society website, and also to promote and publicise the work of the Society and Odonata conservation in general.

If you are promoting the BDS or dragonflies in a non-commercial way, then we are happy for you to use these photos so long as you credit the photographer. The photographer’s name is after the species name (scientific rather than English name) in the file name. For example the banded Demoiselle on the front cover of this CD is saved as ‘Calopteryx splendens m Dennis Swaby’, so Dennis Swaby should be credited for taking the photo.

If you are unsure whether you have permission to use the photo, wish to use the photo for commercial purposes, or are not using the photo for reasons stated above, please contact the British Dragonfly Society’s Conservation Officer to clarify whether you have permission or to contact the photographer.

We are providing photo libraries free of charge but if you would like to send us a donation to cover costs, we would be very grateful for this. You can do this on our website ( - shop tab) or contact our Conservation Officer on the above email address to find out where to send cheques to.