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Darter is the annual magazine for dragonfly recorders received by BDS members each spring.  The magazine includes updates on BDS recording projects, the latest news on migrant dragonflies and reports from our Local Dragonfly Recorders from around the UK, keeping you up to date with all the dragonfly news from your local area. The magazine also has feature articles on recording projects carried out by other enthusiasts, guaranteed to inspire you to get out there and record dragonflies.

If you join the BDS as a member, as well as receiving Darter, you get two other regular publications each year, Dragonfly News and the well respected Journal of the British Dragonfly Society. Dragonfly News features members photos and dragonfly stories, focuses on particular dragonfly sites and what to find there plus feature articles from members, experts and others active in the field of dragonflies. The BDS Journal has all the latest research and information on dragonfly biology, ecology and conservation. To receive these brilliant publications, become a BDS member now

Project and Local Dragonfly Recorder Updates

Darter gives updates on our ongoing projects, such as developments within our recording network, Dragonflywatch, as well as telling you all you need to now about our exciting new projects. Whether you're a seasoned recorder or new to the dragonfly world you'll find all you need to know to get started on your next recording project.  
News from our Local Dragonfly Recorders keeps you up to date with your local area. With information on the appearance and locations of new species to the county, rare finds and brilliant sites to visit, this is a great resource to start you on your dragonfly recording journey. And if you are planning a holiday and want to know what to look for and where, our Local Dragonfly Recorder reports will set you on the right track.

Feature Articles

Darter also has regular feature articles from those dragonfly recording in the field or working on recording projects. These articles, from amateur recorders as well as experts in all things dragonfly, cover a range of topics and are sure to inspire and inform.

Our BDS Local Dragonfly Recorder's updates from the

2015 season.

A feature article from Scotland looking at the rare species found

there, their sites and the work we are doing to protect them.


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