02 Oct
BDS County Recorders Needed for Cornwall (East and West), Somerset (North) and Monmouthshire

BDS County Recorders Needed for Cornwall (East and West), Somerset (North) and Monmouthshire

BDS County Recorders Needed for Cornwall (East and West), Somerset (North) and Monmouthshire


Perry Smale, our previous County Recorder for both East and West Cornwall has recently retired from the role after years of dedicated volunteering.

We are now looking for confident, experienced dragonfly recorders to fill Perry’s shoes in the Cornwall, as well as our County Recorder vacancies in North Somerset and Monmouthshire counties.


The County Dragonfly Recorder Role

The main responsibilities of a BDS County Dragonfly Recorder:

  • Upload records submitted direct to the County Recorder to iRecord (at least annually).
  • Validate & verify all records submitted either directly or via the iRecord system.
  • Encourage submission of county records (preferably through iRecord).
  • Encourage more volunteers to monitor important dragonfly sites.
  • Develop positive relationships with local recorders by nurturing their interest in dragonflies, encouraging there recording activities, and providing positive feedback.
  • Direct local recorder efforts towards: under-recorded areas and species, the use of Complete Lists and repeat visits.
  • Act as a central point of contact in the county for conservation and Priority Site advice.
  • Keep all Recorders in the county up-to-date with recording progress by producing a short annual Darter newsletter article.

Optional additional activities:

  • Promote BDS membership.
  • Public engagement: arrange field meetings, run workshops, give talks and attend events to raise the profile of dragonfly recording and conservation.
  • Set up a BDS Local Group or support existing Local Group involvement by attendance at events and meetings.
  • Use data analysis and presentation as detailed feedback to recorders.
  • Liaise and cooperate with Local Record Centres and other wildlife groups in the county and surrounding areas.
  • Post requests for records on county email forums and social media.
  • Provide advice to local authorities and country agencies.
  • Encourage the production, or repeat, of a local county atlas.


Perks of the Role and Support

Being a County Recorder provides a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow dragonfly enthusiasts, make new friends and gain new skills. The flexibility of the role means you can tailor it to your skills and interests.

How the BDS can support you in your new role:

  • Equipment (if requested and funds allow) and materials (e.g. membership forms)
  • Training in species identification and ecology.
  • Recording system training and support.
  • Health & Safety advice (e.g. Risk assessments for field visits and events).           
  • Insurance cover for events publicised on the BDS website.
  • Contacts within the BDS.
  • Annual Spring Meeting (a chance to share knowledge and experience within the co-ordinated BDS Recording Scheme).
  • Recognition of skills and experience volunteers bring to the role.
  • Regular communication (for example Dragonfly News, BDS e-news and Darter).


Who can apply?

We’re looking for motivated volunteers with the passion, and enthusiasm, to inspire Recorders in their county, and promote the BDS’s activities to the wider public.

Key skills and experience:

  • Ability to identify UK dragonfly species (nymph and exuviae ID skills would be beneficial).
  • Basic IT literacy e.g. email and Microsoft Office applications.
  • iRecord experience.
  • Experience in monitoring dragonflies using the BDS standardised methodologies.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.



If you are interested in becoming a County Dragonfly Recorder, or have any questions please contact our Records Officer, David Hepper:


Tel: 01252 721053


Photo: Daniele Muir