10 May

Assistance Needed with Specimen Collection for Portuguese Research Project

Ricardo Bessa is needs the help of British entomologists to complete his PhD at the Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics, in Portugal.

The objective of his PhD is to explore the bactericidal properties of insect wings’ nanotopographies from a broad range of insect species and attempt to synthetically replicate those structures. This work builds upon the currently published knowledge of the bactericidal properties of the wings from cicadas and dragonflies. For the initial part of his work he plans on analyzing as many different species as possible, to identify patterns and build a database.

If you think you could help assist him with specimen collection please email him at: tp.oh1563791940nimu.1563791940sb3i@1563791940asseb1563791940.as.o1563791940draci1563791940r1563791940

Image by Phil Hendley